Our award-winning architects are here to transform your ideas into your the dream home tailore-made to suit your lifestyle. Whether your design is scribbled on a napkin tucked into your back pocket, we can help you design most anything you can think-up.

New Construction

We've been building homes, neighborhoods and their infrastructures for nearly 40 years, so we're confident that we can do the same for you. Whether you've already got a piece of property that needs developing, or are looking to purchase a new lot, the Alan Temkin Group can help you every step of the way. 


Sometimes life calls for a do-over, and when inspiration calls—we'll be there to help you usher in the new. We're good listeners and great dream-makers. From rooftops to ad-ons, kitchens to another story—The Alan Temkin Group can help you build or rebuild any size project. 


You know all those things that go into making things work? We're the people that put it all together. From water to electricity, ordinances to tax law — we'll help you figure out and implement each element needed to make a community work like a Swiss watch. 


Sometimes you need to hand off the baton and enjoy the ride. When you're looking for a management team to handle the daily ins-and-outs of property management and maintenance, you can trust The Alan Temkin Group to keep things running efficiently.